Toy story 4 album/soundtrack

Toy story is a fantasy/Adventure family animation which was released June 21 August 2019 and was directed by Josh cooley.

    The animation featured about 37 songs with randy Newman as major composer.

 The songs include.
1- Both sides now -JUDY COLLINS

2- Blitzkrieg Bop -RAMONES
(Official trailer 2)

3- God only knows -THE BEACH BOYS

4- Feeling good -UPSTATE

5- Worlds of wonder -AUDIO MACHINE
(Trailer music 1)

6- Suburban surprise -BRAND X MUSIC
(Trailer 2, music 1)

7- Orch & choir rise 5 -IMMEDIATE MUSIC
(Tv spot Superbowl)

8- Lets go -BLACK $ GRAY
(Trailer 2, music 2)

(Playtime music 4)

10- The ballad of the lonesome cowboy -CHRIS STAPLETON

11- Sexy and i know it -LMFAO
(Woody and Bo enter a party)

12- Chasing the sun -THE WANTED

13- You've got a friend in me

14- I cant let you throw yourself away

15- School daze

16- Woody's closet of neglect

17- A spork in the road

18- Duck,bunny & tea

19- Trash can chronicles

20- Moving at the speed of skunk

21- Bo panorama for two

22- Three sheeps to the wind

23- Cowboy sacrifice

24- Prepping the jump

25- Recruiting Duke caboom

26- Lets caboom

27- Operation harmony

28- Buzz flight & a maiden

29- Plush rush

30- Gabby gabby most noble thing

31- Operation pull toy

32- Parting gifts and new horizons

33- The road to antiques

34- Rubber baby buggy butlers

35- Dukes best crash ever

36- Sneaking and antiquing

37- Chocolate rain -TAY ZONDAY

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