Angel has fallen album

Angel has fallen is an american thriller movie released august 21. It was directed by Ric Roman Waugh.
   The movie featured about 21 songs with major composer David Buckley.

   The songs include.

1- For what its worth -BUFFALO SRINGFIELD
(Official trailer first song)

2- Hide away -DAN OWEN
(Official trailer second song)


4- Ionic circles -JESUS MERCEDES

5- The kill zone -DAVID BUCKLEY

6- Swallowed by trees -DAVID BUCKLEY

7- Drone attacks -DAVID BUCKLEY

8- Fishing trip -DAVID BUCKLEY

9- Home life -DAVID BUCKLEY

10- Resurrection -DAVID BUCKLEY

11- Into the abyss -DAVID BUCKLEY

12- Hospital breach -DAVID BUCKLEY

13- Atrium firefight -DAVID BUCKLEY

14- Accepting betrayal -DAVID BUCKLEY

15- Coup the grave -DAVID BUCKLEY

16- Angel has fallen -DAVID BUCKLEY

17- Deep regrets -DAVID BUCKLEY

18- Semi chase -DAVID BUCKLEY

19- Death threats -DAVID BUCKLEY

20- Final chess match -DAVID BUCKLEY

21- No more secrets -DAVID BUCKLEY

  •  The scenes will added shortly

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