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Aladdin Full Album

Disney's latest adaptation for Aladdin featured about 37 songs for its album. It featured special guest composers Zhavia ward and Zayn, alongside original film composer Alan merken.

The songs are highlighted below and where to stream or download it.

       List Of Songs Included.

1- The big ship- ALAN MENKEN.
        (Prologue: genie and Dalia set sail in the ocean)

2- Arabian nights -WILL SMITH.
     (Genie's children asking him to sing while telling a story about aladdin,Jasmine and a lamp).

3- Agrabah market place -ALAN MENKEN.

4- One jump ahead -MENA MASSOUD.
     (Aladdin and jasmine running away from guard)

5- Returning the bracelet -ALAN MENKEN.

6- Aladdin hideout -ALAN MENKEN

7- One jump ahead -MENA MASSOUD(reprise).

8- Jasmine meet princess anders -ALAN MENKEN.

9 -Speechless(part1) -NAOMI SCOTT
   (Jasmine angry at her father and jafar for not allowing a woman to become sultan)

10 -Breaking In -ALAN MENKEN.

11 -The dunes -ALAN MENKEN.

12 - Simple oil lamp -ALAN MERKEN.

13 - Cave of wonders -ALAN MENKEN

14 - The basics ALAN MENKEN

15 - Friend like me -WILL SMITH
       (Genie sings to aladdin about things he can do)

16- Escape from cave -ALAN MENKEN

17 - Prince Ali outfit -ALAN MENKEN

18 - Prince Ali -WILL SMITH.
        (Genie introduces him to all agrabah)

19- Harvest dance -ALAN MENKEN
     (Genie controlling Ali's dance with jasmine)

20- A whole new world- MENA MASSOUD AND NAOMI SCOTT
 (Aladdin takes jasmine to explore outside Agrabah)

21- Until tomorrow -ALAN MENKEN

22- Aladdin second wish -ALAN MENKEN

23- Never called a master friend -ALAN MENKEN

24- One jump ahead(reprise2) -MENA MASSOUD

25- Most powerful sorcerer -ALAN MENKEN

26- Carpet chase -ALAN MENKEN

27- Jafar becomes Sultan -ALAN MENKEN.

28- Speechless(part 2) -NAOMI SCOTT
  (Jasmine has a vision whether to keep quiet).

29- Hakim loyalty tested -ALAN MENKEN
   (Jasmine begs him to break from jafars rule)

30- Jafar summon storm -ALAN MENKEN

31- Jafar final wish -ALAN MENKEN

32- Genie set free -ALAN MENKEN
     (Aladdin sets him free[genie])

33- The wedding -ALAN MENKEN
      (Aladdin marries jasmine)

34- Friend like me(finale) -ALAN MENKEN
    (Everyone dances at the wedding)

35- A whole new world(end title) -ZAYN AND ZHAVIA WARD.
         (Second end credit)

36- Friend like me(end title) -WILL SMITH AND DJ KHALED.
      (First end credit)

37- Speechless(full) -NAOMI SCOTT



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