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The very substance that defines existence.
The hyphen on my grave stone between my birthday,
And the day that i would leave the planet,,,
An open source program that can be used as will.

        Time...the free gift to humanity,
Time, do u bring agony...why do you let us age
Are you like a chemical reaction or can i get you back
Are you used up when we die or do we stop believing in you
Are you a god to be worshipped and feared or are you hear to pay for my tears...

   Time are you like an incubator that hatch both my fear and happy moments....Are you going to be there even when the hand of the clock stops...
Oooh Time... Science will describe you as the duration of 9,192,631,770 periods for the radiation corresponding to the transition between two hyper-fine levels of the ground state of the caesium-133 atom...
But it is the creator of all, expectation of much more...

Time a placidity glow in natures creativity...why do you take a flaccid turns to the wicked...and show a conditional flaccidity to the meek...
Time so remarkable,noteworthy,an eminent to the world...
Time the pulchritude of the Universe...

 Upcoming poet writes first official poem for Naija hub
                                                  xxx temidayo®
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