Plus-Sized Lady With Huge Bum Twerks & Performs On Stage, Crowd Goes Gaga

Wonders do really happen as yesterday a very plus size lady
 This lady took the stage in a way that will please the likes of Nicki minaj and cardi b.
   People were surprised with the way she took her body despite the fact that her body was sumptously big, she still could twerk and do it all.

 Some Nigerians have taken to social media to commend her after seeing this video and pictures

Ambetterday_team: 'She can even dance very well with her big BUMBUM ��'

Betterdaysvibes: 'This lady can dance with that big Ass �����'

Newvibes_1: "Wao is not heavy for her"

Sammyz72: "Even Hitler will duff his hat in respect and admiration if he were to be alive."

 Some pictures and the video ha e circulated as well as comments from our funny Nigerians.

Link to video:

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