Cardi-B spends $80000 on diamond for Kulture

Belcalis Merlanis Almanzar popularly known by her stage name Cardi-B is an american rapper,song writer and tvshow personality who recently on social media bragged about the $80k spent on her 10month old baby Kulture's diamond.

 Though the post has been deleted, Cardi-B showed the sets of diamonds purchased also with a screenshot  of the complete sets of diamonds.

  "Just spent a bag on my daughter, you know a bad b**** gonna spoil". Also she tagged Newyork Pristine jewellers before saying "If i'm iced out my daughter gotta be too".

   She then added "Yeup im bragging cause i bust my a** to do so.
     Pictures below:

Cardi-B spends $80000 on diamond for Kulture Cardi-B spends $80000 on diamond for Kulture Reviewed by Timmie on May 28, 2019 Rating: 5

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