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Lainey and the Uber Driver - An Erotic Story

Saturday, 14 October 2017
Lainey and the Uber Driver - An Erotic Story

Lainey burst out of the alley and onto the sidewalk. To the right, was the front of the club and an Uber car waiting at the curb. Lainey jogged up to the Uber and quickly jumped into the backseat on the passenger side. She started to make an excuse to the driver about how badly she needed a ride when she recognized him.

"Hey, birthday girl," Jackson smiled at her. He was the driver that had dropped off her and her friends earlier in the night. Jackson ignored the cum on her face and immediately noticed her pointy nipples and droopy eyelids. "You having fun tonight, baby," he asked her.

"Umm, I guess so," Lainey replied. "Maybe a little too much." She touched a hand to her face feeling a little sleepy and smearing the cum left behind by the bartender. "Can you take me home," she asked as she yawned and began to gradually lean more and more onto the rest of the backseat. Lainey laid on her left side so that her body was facing the front and the movement of her breasts could clearly be seen. Her head laid on her left arm and her right arm was straight and had fallen slightly behind her body pulling her stretchy shirt further exposing the shape of her dark chocolate stiff nipples.

"Sure, baby. Just relax." Jackson knew that he might very well be next in line to make an ejaculatory deposit inside or on top of Lainey that night and began to drive in the general direction of where he had picked her up earlier that night. About halfway between the club and Lainey's apartment, Jackson pulled the car off the street and onto a short gravel road that led to a small grassy field surrounded by trees and shrubbery. The area was used in nice weather for picnics and as an outdoor play area for children and general family entertainment. 

In bad weather and at night, it became an area for teenagers and couples to park and enjoy heavy petting. Jackson parked the car at the far edge of the field next to a tree that blocked the rear passenger door by Lainey. He got out of the driver's seat and entered the backseat on the driver's side sliding in and picking up Lainey's head and laying it on his lap. She moved so that she ended up laying on her back with her face toward Jackson's crotch. "Sweet, sweet, birthday girl," Jackson stroked her black curls with his left hand and opened his pants with the right hand finding his stiff prick ready to be jacked. "Mmmm, look what you did to me, pretty girl," he brushed his cock against Lainey's lips and she instinctively licked her lips and caught a little taste of the underside of Jackson's d#ck. "Ohhh, shit," he switched hands so that he could stroke and lay his d#ck on her mouth with the left and fondle her tits with the right.

Lainey stirred a little and didn't seem to be fully asleep. She sighed, "What's going on?" She slowly realized that her head was in Jackson's lap and that they were both together in the backseat.

"You're okay, baby. The birthday girl fell asleep and I came back here to make sure you were okay," Jackson told her and stroked her tit.

"Hey, what are you doing," Lainey sat up on seat facing him. "Why are you touching me like that?" She put her arms up in an attempt to cover her breasts but really just succeeded in pushing them up and together making Jackson even stiffer. 

Jackson gently grabbed her arms, moved them down to her sides moved his right hand to stroke her cheek and leaned in, "We need to talk, babe. You don't have any money." He licked his bottom lip, trailed his hand down to Lainey's neck and gave her a little kiss on the mouth with just a hint of tongue. His left hand moved from holding her arm at her side to her thigh and he rubbed her leg with just his thumb. "I mean, I need something for my trouble, right," he moved his right hand down her chest touching her with only his index finger stopping at her nipple. He stared into Lainey's eyes and slowly moved the tip of his finger in a circle growing bigger and bigger until he was using his whole hand and palming her breast.

"But if you just give me a chance...," Lainey's voice hitched and trailed off as Jackson's whole hand on her thigh began to rub getting closer to her p#ssy until finally making contact with a sticky lip.

When he felt that sticky lip, Jackson knew that his drunk birthday girl wasn't as innocent as she seemed. His breathing got heavier, "Seems like birthday girl is a little slut." Jackson slapped Lainey's tit and kissed her thrusting his tongue deep into her mouth. 

"Mmmmm! Ahhhhhh," Lainey moaned into Jackson's mouth. She was shocked when he slapped her tit but she liked it. During the kiss, Jackson grabbed her sticky p#ssy making her even more turned on.

Lainey pushed Jackson back so that he was forced to break the kiss, "No, I'm not a slut," she whispered. Lainey liked the way he was touching her and she was getting moist but she didn't want to be a slut.

"Yes, you are, baby," Jackson cupped his hand tighter to get a better hold on your p#ssy. "Let me show you. Would a good girl like this," he pulled her shirt down and pinched her nipple. 

"Ohhhh, mmmmm," Lainey closed her eyes and sighed with her tits hanging out of her shirt. 

"Would a good girl like this," Jackson pushed her back against the door and spread her legs. He placed each hand on either side of her p#ssy and pulled the skin with his thumbs so that her lips opened showing ropes of cum and her juices hanging between them. "Look at how messy you are, birthday slut," he stared at her p#ssy watching the sticky ropes droop, break and cling to either p#ssy lip. He leaned down and smelled her p#ssy, "Smells like cum." Then he blew on her pronounced, pink clit.

Lainey's teeth chattered and she grabbed her tits and rubbed her nipples. Jackson looked up to see Lainey's reaction and slapped her inner thigh. "I'm gonna ruin you, baby," he told her with his face buried in her tits. Jackson licked up her chest, to the side of her neck and to her ear where he nipped and nibbled her lobe. 

"No, no, no," Lainey pushed Jackson back. "I should go now. I don't want to be a slut," she turned and tried to open the door and heard the thwack as it made contact with the tree. "Ohhh, no. Please! I know I've made some mistakes but I'm really not a slut," she pleaded. Lainey didn't realize how much her begging was turning Jackson on even more. As she tried to get the door open with her knees on the seat and her backside to Jackson, he stroked himself relishing the wetness that flowed from his cock while he watched Lainey's ass bounce and shake before him.

"Okay, okay, darling. Come here," Jackson told her. "Just calm down." He reached out and pulled her next to him in the middle of the seat. Jackson put his right arm around her and nuzzled her neck as he whispered into her ear. "I won't f#ck you tonight, baby. I'll just play with you a little and then take you home," Jackson told her. 

"You promise," Lainey asked him. She stared down at his rock hard d#ck knowing that she would have to do something to get out of this. As she stared at the head of his swollen, angry d#ck, her mouth began to water. She knew thinking about sucking him and tasting his cum was especially slutty but she couldn't help herself.

Jackson noticed Lainey swallowing a lot and licking her lips. He couldn't wait to bury his d#ck in her throat and howl as he dumped buckets of cum into her mouth but he decided to play along with the "I'm not a slut" act. 

"Just touch it, honey. Help me out. You've made me all hard with those delicious tits," Jackson began to fondle her again. "I just love them," he licked her ear as he whispered to her. His right hand fell down to her plump bottom where he squeezed and pinched her as his left hand shook and teased her breasts. Lainey began to pump him harder and harder.

"Like that," she asked him in a breathy voice. She couldn't take her eyes off of him pumping and slipping through her hand wet with his precum. 

"Oh, yea! Just like that," Jackson was thrusting so hard into her hand and squeezing her poor tits mercilessly. Jackson continued to lick and suck the side of her face and neck. "Yes! You f#cking slut," he growled at her. "Don't f#cking stop!"

Cum began to shoot out of Jackson in thick globs falling all over Lainey's hand and arm. "Oh my god! Oh my god! Ugh!! Ugh!! F#cking shit," he exclaimed. He grabbed Lainey's face and began to kiss her roughly while continuing to pump into her hand. Once he broke the kiss, he told her, "Lay down on the seat on your back." Lainey did as she was told and left a little wet spot on the seat from where her p#ssy made a mess.

With Lainey on her back, Jackson climbed onto her and began to f#ck her tits. Thrusting into them and watching them wobble on her chest gave him the urge to cum again. "You're such a f#cking slut, Lainey."

"I'm not a slut," Lainey said biting her lip and feeling a strong tingle down below. She insisted she wasn't a slut but when she was called that she always got wet. 

"I know you love this. I know you want it," Jackson told her. "You've got me so hard. You keep turning me on and I'll f#ck you before I take you home, slut." Jackson pinched her nipples and pulled them as he gave several powerful thrusts into her chest.

Lainey cried out, "Ohhh, please cum on me!" Her p#ssy was dripping and the torture of her nipples only made it worse. "My tits! Please!"

Jackson lost it and began to cum. "Ahhh! Ohhh, f#ck yes! F#ck yes," cum shot out across Lainey's neck and tits. Jackson continued to jerk and groan as he gripped his cock and slapped it on her nipples, rubbing the cum across her stiff buds. 

Lainey licked her lips loving the feel of the warm mess on her chest. "Will you take me home now," she asked him. Jackson knew that he should and he planned to but Lainey staring up at him with wet lips and covered in cum only made him get a little stiff all over again. He knew that one more cum and he would be done for the evening but he needed her.

"I'll take you home, babe. But leave those tits out and get in the front seat," he told her. Lainey didn't know what he wanted now but she did what he wanted anyway. They both got out of the car on his side and Lainey walked around to the passenger side. Jackson didn't bother to put his d#ck away though.

Once they were in the vehicle and ready to leave, Jackson told her, "Don't bother with the seatbelt. I want you sucking this d#ck all the way home with your ass up in the air."

"Umm, okay, I guess," Lainey obeyed. As Jackson started to reverse the car, Lainey got into the required position and plopped her mouth onto Jackson's crotch.

"Oh, shit, that's nice," Jackson grabbed the back of Lainey's head. "Suck my balls too, baby. I like that shit." Jackson drove a little slower than the speed limit while Lainey sucked and licked him back to complete hardness and on toward climax for the third time that night. As he drove, he slapped Lainey's upturned ass a few times and rubbed her little brown hole. She jerked a little but he shushed her and drew his finger away to keep her from removing her mouth.

"Yea, you want that cum, don't you," he goaded her. "Suck out daddy's cream, princess," he pulled in front of Lainey's apartment building at the curb, parked and let the engine idle. He held her head with one hand and used the other to play with her swaying tits. "Oh, yea, baby! You're gonna make me cum, baby!" Jackson held her head down and abandoned her breasts for her ass. He started to grunt with his mouth gaping open and quickly plunged his middle finger into Lainey's ass. 

"Mmmmmmmmmm! Ahhhhhhhh," she screamed and coughed on the d#ck in her mouth and got cum in her windpipe. Her ass was so full and it was uncomfortable but she liked it a little.

"Yesss! F#ck that mouth is amazing, baby," Jackson praised her. "When I let you up, keep it in your mouth. Lainey sat up with her mouth full of Jackson's cum. "Hold up your tits and spit on them."

Lainey sat on the seat on her knees with them spread so that her wet p#ssy was clearly visible and did exactly as Jackson instructed her. She spit the cum out onto her breasts and it pooled between them leaving a long, white, sticky line in her cleavage. 

"Ohh, f#####ck. Rub it in," he growled at her as he stroked his wet limp cock, which still oozed a little. Lainey rubbed the cum all over her breasts paying special attention to her pointy nipples. Jackson loved looking at her covered in his cum with her lips wet and puffy from sucking him but he was exhausted. "Get out and walk into the building with your tits out and I'll see you tomorrow." 

She got out of the car and started walking toward the entrance to her building. Lainey felt like a real whore and she knew it was wrong but she loved it. She was so wet she could feel it on her thighs near her p#ssy. Her thighs glided against each other as she walked and she couldn't wait to rub herself to orgasm over and over and over again...

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